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Sudstress Artisan Soap
P.O. Box 8094
Atlanta, GA 31106 US
Phone: (404) 538-3607

Customer Reviews

Hello, I recently purchased some halfsie bars from you and received a sample of this oil with my purchase. I wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE the oil and will be purchasing some on our next payday. I love the slightly thicker consistency and the lavender is a great smelling lavender without the camphor odor some can have. My daughter has never liked lavender before this oil but she really likes this one. It feels fabulous on my skin right before bedtime and the scent helps relax me to sleep. I woke up with softer feeling skin the next morning. I also wanted to let you know that I loved each of the soaps (rosemary mint, oats and goats and organic carrot juice and shea soap) but my absolute favorite is the carrot juice soap. I will also be purchasing more of this in the future. I love the earthy, fresh smell and it is a super creamy lather that doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or stripped afterward. Thanks for the wonderful products! Danielle D.

"Love everything about this soap. The organic look, the smell, the color. Instead of dreading the day - especially Mondays - I can't wait to get up and in the shower. I was so excited to use [the healing waters spa bar] because the scent is unbelievable...stress relieving. However, when I was ready to use it, I couldn't find it anywhere...turns out my sister hijacked it and used it. According to her it is soothing and she feels like relaxed and ready for a nap. Guess I need to buy some more."

"LOVE this soap. It has just the right amount of scent and the nicest lather."

"I'd love to give you some feedback on [the swirled sandalwood], but my fiance promptly stole it and put it in his cabinet - it gets the male seal of approval in this house."


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