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Chamomile Cottage Soaps
686 Haddon Avenue
Collingswood, NJ 08108 US
Phone: (845) 477-2414  • (877) 339-7627

Customer Reviews

Don P. from Woodland CA I have been a laborer all my life. My calluses have calluses. My wife of 43 years is now bed bound and has poor circulation in her legs, so she has very dry, chapped feet. My daughter contacted Chamomile Cottage to order a special large quantity of lotion for me to rub onto my wife's feet and legs to help promote her circulation and moisturize her skin. I use this lotion twice a day and not only has my wife's dry, cracked feet healed and softened, but my calluses are soft, too. I can't even remember when my hands were so soft. We are so grateful to Chamomile Cottage for making a special larger batch of lotion just for my wife's condition. Thank you from the bottom of my wife's feet and my hands.

Jessica H. Santa Barbara CA I loved the products you shipped in the "green, eco-friendly, less" packaging. I sometimes hate to shop online only to get a large box for a small item with tons of packing peanuts that can't be recycled. I really appreciate your company's mission to help save the planet and use only packaging the size you REALLY need to use for shipping and the biodegradable containers you use for your products. It makes me feel good ordering from you for my natural lotions and soaps knowing you are doing everything you can to help the environment. Thanks!


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