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karma~naturals LLC
1346 Forest Splendor Trail
Wildwood, MO 63021 US
Phone: (314) 378-8902

Customer Reviews

This lip gloss color is terrific. It adds a great reddish shade that is both natural (not too dark) and also has a glossy sheen. I use it as a daytime color, but more could be applied for a darker shade. The color is long-lasting, and the gloss is very moisturizing.

- Lauren from Harris, Pennsylvania

So, not only does this all natural lotion smell amazing, it seriously lasts all day. I will put this lotion on in the morning, usually on my legs...then later that day, I'll shower and shave. I can literally feel as I shave like I have shaving cream on. Because the lotion is still there, it makes shaving easier and proves that this lotion stays on my skin all day! Also, it does NOT take much to cover your whole body - no kidding!

- Kristin F. from Springfield, MO

This lip gloss is terrific. Smells exactly like an orange creamsicle.

- Lauren from Washington, District of Columbia

I have dry skin and this goat's milk makes it soft and full! It smells amazing, too! I love the options on fragrances because I can switch with the season, too!

Highly recommend for anyone looking for a lathering soap that smells amazing and actually makes dry skin not dry! I personally love dreamsicle. :)

- Kristin F. from Springfield, MO


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