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Brigit True Organics
1304 E Market St Suite T
Charlottesville, VA 22902 US
Phone: (888) 864-2482  • (434) 971-7627
Fax: (888) 449-4611

Customer Reviews

"Hello- My father has been using the Diabeticae foot cream. He says that out of all the creams he has used in the past this is the only one that soothes his feet and legs and feels no pain. I was wondering you distribute this product in New York CIty area and can provide a store listing of where I can get it. He ran out of it and I would like to head to the store to purchase few jars. Thank you for producing an excellent product that actually works! " - Ruth Vasquez

"Hi, I buy your soaps, unscented hand creme, citrus shea butter (thank you for using glass vs plastic jars!) and lip balm. thank you for making such lovely organic products! When I travel, I try to find hotels that are as 'organic' as possible (food, sheets, bedding, bath products, windows that actually open and such). could you please tell me which hotels put your products in bathrooms for guests? i would prefer to use those hotels/resorts/B&Bs on the theory that if they care enough to provide your organic soaps for guests, all else must be great quality as well. thanks." - Marilyn McMichael

"I am still using your [Diabeticae Foot Cream] and my Dr. actually was raving about it last time I saw her (this was last week). She is the one that actually has diabetes. She had an episode and it was your cream that soothed and calmed the problem." - Susan in OR

"I bought the rose shea butter last summer in Charlottesville, and have loved it beyond measure! I just ordered the honey lip balm (yellow top) and it's superb -- soft on the lips and smells wonderful, like warm honey. I also purchased the "rejuvenating hand cream" and love it, too. Just can't say enough good things about these products! There is not a better-smelling rose scent out there. Thank you, Brigit!" - Liz in NC


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