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Dreaming Tree Soapworks
1303 New Chestnut Street
Bristol, PA 19007 US

Customer Reviews

7-15-09 Dreaming Tree Soapworks, I just wanted to thank you again for your great product! I have always been a true believer in natural, hand made product, and after trying yours, I will never buy soap anywhere else again. I have always had sensitive skin, and my skin feels smoother and more refined after only 2 weeks of using your face soap! It smells great, and helps me look great, thanks!! - Terence

7-20-09 Dreaming Tree Soapworks, I am loving everything I got at the party! The lemon moon sugar scrub is simply delicious and makes my skin soft and glowy. And it smells fresh and lovely! I save it for when I want to feel extra-pampered. I love the scent of the Demeter soap and it's great scrubbing for my feet & elbows! I keep the Wicked Queen lotion stick in my purse and it's awesome! Doesn't melt in the heat and absorbs right in to my skin when I need to smooth my chapped hands or elbows in a pinch! Cheers! Hayes

March 20, 2009 Subject: Soap OMG OMG - so I showered (finally) and used the soaps! I used the Almond body soap which smells absolutely EXQUISITE. and the face soap is so great! my skin is soft and smells so good. I have a demand though - you absolutely MUST start making lotions! I didn't even want to put mine on bc i wanted to smell like the soaps. you guys are going to knock this business out of the park! So great! Can't wait for the launch party! -Kate


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