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Absolute Soap
N7645 N. Peebles Lane, Suite 5
Fond du Lac, WI 54937 US
Phone: (561) 907-SOAP

Handmade. Vegan. Awesome. At Absolute Soap, we believe that quality skin and body care products aren't a luxury, they're a necessity. Of course, there's no reason that they shouldn't be luxurious too, elevating the spirit and leaving the skin soft and supple. Living in Wisconsin, we know how the cold, drying winter takes a toll on skin. Look no further for that magic elixir that will keep your skin from feeling thirsty, itchy and rough. Our handcrafted products are the fresh and sumptuous body products you have been longing for and are made from the finest ingredients available, many of which are organic. We make a soap that will appease everyone...basic bars, milk soap bars, specialty facial soap and salt soap. In addition to handcrafted soap, we also make Crush on You Sugar Scrubs, hand-blended perfume and intensely moisturizing body balms. Keeping with the philosophy that simple and natural beats complex and chemical, all of our products are minimally processed and we use natural sugars, oils and salts, and support our local farmers and business people whenever possible. If our label says all natural, we mean it: every ingredient, 100% natural. And of course, we never test on animals!


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