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karma~naturals LLC
1346 Forest Splendor Trail
Wildwood, MO 63021 US
Phone: (314) 378-8902

We are a very small family operated company with a big mission in mind...

Leave this world better than the way we found it!"

And, this is just what my husband and I (Kris Ash) have been doing on our journey throughout this life together with our three children. Thus, as we have watched ourselves getting older, we began questioning many of the assumptions we were taught growing up... like our skin was a protective covering that hindered outside forces (such as chemicals) from affecting our precious interiors. How wrong we were! With the advent of medical patches, it is perfectly clear our old assumptions are just plain wrong!

So, in the early 90s, we began purchasing earth-friendly products from companies like Seventh Generation and Gaiam to protect ourselves from harmful exposure to chemicals. Who knew that the very cosmetics and lotions we'd been putting on our faces and bodies were just as toxic as the cleaners we'd been using to clean our home! And, with all the media attention drawn to parabens, phthalates, and petroleum products (and the harm they do to our bodies), I became personally concerned as I watched so many of my friends and family members die from cancer over the past 10 years. I was especially concerned for my own safety since I have exceptionally dry skin and use tons of creams and lotions on my own body!

Thus, the adventure began (in 2005)...

We began as an eco-friendly business creating organic and natural body products that our friends, relatives, co-workers, associates, and neighbors have told us are wonderfully delightful, body safe, and positively indulgent. At their request, we began selling to them, which led to the launching of our eBay store and online website in 2006. Finally, we were able to offer even more people the opportunity to enjoy these conscientiously crafted products which we call karma~naturals (TM). And now, in 2009 as a company always striving to become even more eco-friendly, we are proud to announce that our products can be found locally in businesses around the St. Louis area.

Anyway, no matter where your life might take you or what your karma might be, we hope you come to enjoy the natural goodness of knowing what you're putting on your body has nothing synethic, man-made, or toxic to harm your precious interior when you indulge in our karma~naturals(TM) products.

ENJOY the wonder and pleasure of the natural organic experience! Your skin will LOVE you for it!!


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