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HawkMoon Soaps
1857 Rt.20A
Varysburg, NY 14167 US
Phone: 15855357044 • 18882367639

email me at - Toll free 1.888.236.7639 HawkMoon Soaps offer a complete line of fresh, completely handmade Shea Butter & Olive Oil natural Soaps and Fresh Bath & Body Products.We have a very nice selection of unscented soaps and bath items. We hope you will appreciate our light touch with fragrance on our other products. This concept has been our main focus since the beginning of HawkMoon Soaps : to try and ease up on the chemical load we are bombarded with each day. All our handcrafted natural products are made with the purest ingredients we can find - luxurious vegetable and nut oils and rich nutrient packed shea, mango and cocoa butters.We blend European Olive oil and coconut oil form the south pacific for a perfectly balanced soap bar, exceptionally mild and gentle. Our pure oatmeal soaps lightly exfoliate and leave smooth soft skin. I create everything fresh, right here in Wyoming County in Western New York. We formulate our natural soaps using the time honored method of hand mixing cold process (CP) soap making. This special, old style process has been long forgotten, but it produces a much needed product in this day and age of mass produced bath & body soaps. In short, "CP" creates a super hard, long lasting and very gentle bar of natural soap. We also offer moisture packed bath fizzies, pure talc free dusting and body powders, lusciouse lip balms power packed with shea, mango and cocoa butters, a complete pedicure line for tired achey feet and creamy, dreamy lotions that will help soften even the driest skin. Our wonderful natural foot powder will help tame those stinky toes and feet.


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