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Bidwell Botanicals
PO Box 2776
Cumming, GA 30028-6509 US
Phone: (678) 373-4977 • (888) 360-3398

Since 2002, Bidwell Botanicals soaps, lotions, scrubs and related products have been nurturing the skin of men and women around the world. Infused with luscious ingredients such as organic honey, extra virgin olive oil, acai berry, exotic butters and botanical extracts, Bidwell Botanicals products are a delectable treat. Founder Jill Jones, an organic gardener and former nurse, has a passion for pampering and oversees the mixing of thousands of bottles, jars and bars daily. In 2005 the renowned Canyon Ranch commissioned Bidwell Botanicals to create an exclusive line for its spas and health clubs across the country, which it still produces today. The Bidwell Botanicals philosophy is to offer naturally based skincare with luxurious ingredients that are easy to understand and produce effective results. Bidwell Botanicals believes in the value of making time for self with simple indulgences, and that fully understanding whats put on and in the body is important and empowering.


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