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Scrubz Natural Skin Care Products
541 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY 11714 US
Phone: (516) 827-0800

Our company was founded in July 2006, with a dedication to creating handmade, natural skin care products that are good for everyBODY. We moved to our present store & manufacturing site in 2011. We now not only produce product on site, sell wholesale and retail, but we are also home to the "Make your own Scrubz Party", which teaches about natural skin care while participants make their own personal scent of Scrubz. ~ We have massage and reflexology specialists that come in by appointment as well. ~~ It started with Scrubz Natural Sugar Body Scrub, which replaces traditional cleansers, pre-shave preps, shaving oils & moisturizers. This 4 - 1 product feels great & works better! 12+ scents of Scrubz and Unscented. ~ Other products include: Scrubz+ Whipped scrub ~~ Facez Facial Scrub ~~ Shavez Shaving Scrub ~~ Handz Hand Scrub ~~ Lipz Service Lip Scrub ~~ Lipz Lip Balm ~~ Balmz Shea Butter & Pure Emu Oil Balm ~~ Oilz Moisturizing Massage Oil ~~ Oilz+ Moisturizing Oil & Shea Butter Lotion ~~ Bye Bye Bagz Under Eye Balm ~~ Bye Bye Makeup Natural Makeup Remover ~ Our goals include teaching the simplest and most effective way to best protect and take care of the largest organ in the body, your skin. ~ Our entire product line is great for your face as well as your body. ~ Our bases contain no alcohol, no artificial color, no artificial preservatives, no parabens, no gluten, no phthalates and no petro-chemical. ~ We love making customers a true part of the Scrubz family.


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