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Advertise on Beauty by the Batch

Beauty By the Batch is poised to become the leader in actively promoting artisans and putting them in touch with consumers who eagerly seek quality, artisan-made personal and home care products.

  • Beauty By the Batch's in-depth Artisan Directory showcases some of the very best handmade beauty, health and home care artisans.

  • With an ever-growing collection of compelling Personal Care Articles, Beauty By the Batch garners the attention of conscientious consumers and provides them with illuminating articles on how easy and beneficial it can be to turn to natural and "by-the-batch" products for a more holistic lifestyle.

Reasons to Advertise on Beauty By The Batch

  1. Affordability
    Artisans are able to advertise on Beauty By the Batch for as little as $50 per six month term.
  2. Range of Advertising Options
    Our selection of options allows you to to choose those that best suit your professional needs.
  3. Wide Selection of Categories and Subcategories
    With 12 major personal and home care product categories and over 100 subcategories, we make it easy for you to appear within the subcategories that specifically pertain to your product line.
  4. Informative Personal Care Articles Draw Traffic and Increases Demand for Artisan-Made Products
    Our growing selection of personal care articles helps educate consumers and teaches them of the importance of choosing artisan-made by the batch products over mass-marketed products. The conclusion of each article guides readers to the relevant Artisan Directory category so they have the opportunity to immediately begin shopping with you.
  5. Industry Confidence
    As Beauty By the Batch grows beyond its infancy, we will continue to work hard to earn the trust of artisans and consumers. We strive to become the leader in supporting and promoting dedicated personal care artisans to a growing consumer base.
  6. Artisan Code of Conduct Emblem
    Artisans may choose to place the Beauty By the Batch Artisan Code of Conduct Emblem on their Web site/blog and within print materials like catalogs, brochures, postcards or business cards. The emblem instantaneously gives customers reassurance of your business practices and commitment to providing quality products and customer service. View the Artisan Code of Conduct. Artisan Code of Conduct Emblem

> Artisan Directory Pricing and Features

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