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Artisan Directory Pricing and Features

Artisan Directory Listings

Beauty By the Batch's Artisan Directory features over 100 subcategories, organized into 12 primary categories. Increase your exposure to potential buyers by listing your company under multiple categories. We welcome you to view our Subcategory List to review the number of subcategories that are relevant to your product line.

Your listing will automatically appear within the corresponding Artisan Directory category page for each subcategory that you select.

Keywords/tags of up to 50 characters can be added to your listing. Adding keywords to your listing offers an additional way to ensure that your listing will appear in Artisan Directory searches performed by visitors that enter words that describe your products or business.

  • 1 Subcategory - $50.00 per 6 month term
  • 3 Subcategories - $70.00 per 6 month term
  • 5+ Subcategories - $95.00 per 6 month term
Artisan Directory Listings

Add-On Profile Opportunities

Select one of our Add-On Profile Opportunities for significantly greater visibility of your listing. The Artisan Directory category and subcategory areas display listings in the order listed below. Listings of the same package structure are listed from newest to oldest.

  • Enhanced Profiles with Product Showcase
  • Enhanced Profiles (without Product Showcase)
  • Basic Profiles
  • Listings without Profiles

Our Add-On Profile Opportunities dramatically enhance your Artisan Directory Listing. Each of our three Add-On Profile Opportunity Options is outlined and illustrated below.

  • Basic Profile - $30.00 per 6 month term
  • Enhanced Profile - $50.00 per 6 month term
  • Enhanced Profile with Showcase - $75.00 per month term
Refer to diagram below


Basic Profile
Enhanced Profile Enhanced Profile with Showcase
250 Character Business Highlight Within Artisan Directory Listing
Artisan Directory Listing Linked to Your Profile Page
Profile Page
Profile Description 2000 characters (4a) 3500 characters(4b) 3500
characters (4b)
250x180 Profile Photo
Featured Quote Directly On Profile Page  
Customer Testimonials/Product Review Page With Up to 4 Reviews  
Showcase Page Featuring Up to 12 Product Photos and Brief Descriptions    
Keywords/Tags 100 characters 100 characters 100 characters


Add-On Profile Opportunities

Featured Listing Opportunities

Promote your listing directly on Beauty By the Batch's Home Page with either a Featured Artisan or a Featured Profile position. These positions rotate amongst those artisans that choose these opportunities. We are offering a limited number of these positions so that each advertiser that selects these opportunities receives ample and equal exposure.

Featured Artisan Positions appear at the top of the Home Page and include your directory photo and company name. If you have selected one of our Profile Add-On Opportunities, your Featured Artisan Position will link to your profile. Otherwise, it will link to a popup that includes your photo and contact information.

Featured Profile Positions include your company name, directory photo, contact information and business highlight. The Featured Profile Positions are only available to those that select an Add-On Profile Opportunity (as described above).

  • Featured Artisan Position on Home Page - $10 per 6 month term
  • Featured Profile Position on Home Page - $40 per 6 month term

Featured Listing Opportunities

Creating an account takes 1-2 minutes. Once created, it allows you to review our Artisan Directory Advertising Opportunities, select the ones that you want, place your order and customize your Listing.

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