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"Excellant product quality at a killer price. I love it!!" Salina - Cheyenne,WY

Herbal Natures
R.R. 1
Bradford, IL 61421 US
Phone: (309) 883-3495 • (309) 897-8232

Herbal Natures is dedicated to bringing you a wide selection of cosmetics, skin and body care, using the highest quality ingredients, at affordable prices. Specializing in handcrafted body care, we strive to maintain high quality products provided with ingredients from nature or from naturally derived ingredients, that can help to calm your spirit, rejuvenate your mind, and pamper your body. Herbal Natures also offers a full line of mineral cosmetics to protect your skin while enhancing a healthy glow of freshly cleansed and polished skin. You can rest assured we will provide a top quality, healthy alternative, to clean, soften, rejuvenate, and pamper you. We offer: ** Small batch production that ensures freshness ** Products are formulated with the maximum limit quantities of plant and herbal extracts (for those items that contain extracts) ** Preservatives are used to ensure your safety, but in much lower concentrations than in commercial production products - a healthier alternative And, you can be confident with your purchase because just like reaching for an item on the store shelf, you can read the label ingredients. You'll know exactly what you are purchasing. We have also taken the truth in labeling pledge fromd the Natural Ingredient Resource Center. You may visit our blog to stay abreast of new product developments and other news at 2 We also have a facebook business page:


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