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Nature's Boundaries
52598 Ravens Lane
Chesterfield Twp, MI 48047 US
Phone: (586) 873-3721

Most people are concerned today about the food they put in their body, but what about the products you put on your body? Nature's Boundaries was founded in 2006 in order to offer high quality, yet affordable organics for everyday people for everyday use. The products are formulated to help heal the skin and not just offer temporary relief. All ingredients sourced are of the highest purity and quality and certified organic whenever possible. All products also boast a scripture verse to offer a message of encouragement, which is much needed in today's society. One of the most popular products are in the Little Lamb Baby Care line, which offers non-toxic products which is necessary because children's bodies are not equipped to process toxic chemicals and these chemicals have a much more profound effect on growing children than on adults. So this line is much more gentler on your baby's body then most products on the market. So if you are looking for skin and body products that are good for you and the environment then check out


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