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The Beauty Artisan
210 North Second Ave.
Alpena, MI 49779 US
Phone: (989) 734-3201

My hobby of creating natural beauty products stemmed from wanting to give personalized Christmas gifts to my family. Then after that, I took a look at the back of the lotion someone gave me from a well-known retail beauty shop and I saw all the awful ingredients in it. I said, "Boy...I bet I can learn to make it better and healthy." So getting "mad" about harmful ingredients fueled my fire.

The busn. started at home and grew to a bricks and mortar shop located in Alpena, MI ~ Soaps and Such, LLC. That Web site is I have a diverse product line and some products on Etsy to protect the packaging ideas I have. I own copyright, trademark and some formulations have gone to patent protection.

My passion is to deliver wholesome products at a reasonable price. I'm a business professor by trade and have an earned Masters in Busn. Admin. and a PhD in Busn. & Org. with Information Technology. I am also a member of the Soapmaker's and Cosmetic Guild.


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