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Beauty By the Batch Advertising Guidelines

By purchasing an Artisan Directory Listing on Beauty By the Batch, you agree to the following policies:

  • You agree to honor Beauty By the Batch's Artisan Code of Conduct.

  • You agree that all information that you provide for your Artisan Directory Listing information, including profile information will always be accurate and truthful.

  • If your business listing is not accepted, you will not be charged or billed.

  • Beauty By the Batch accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. We do not accept payments by check or mail order.

  • Listings are not published until full payment is received. Beauty By the Batch will not charge your credit card or process your PayPal payment until the day that your listing is published online.

  • Once payment is received and your listing appears online, a Receipt of Sale will be emailed to the individual listed as your billing contact.

  • Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the end of your term, we will send a reminder of your term expiration date and provide easy steps on how to renew your term.

  • Except in rare situations handled on a case-by-case basis, Artisan Directory and other advertising fees are non-refundable.

  • Beauty By the Batch reserves the right to refuse advertising from any artisan or company for any reason. Such reasons include but are not limited to companies that do not manufacture their products in small batches, that Beauty By the Batch has concern are unethical, unprofessional, inaccurate, unknowledgeable, or that are a part of an MLM/network marketing arrangement (as such arrangements can make it too easy for the participants to not be knowledgeable about the products they sell).

  • We reserve the right to edit all text and category options to ensure the accuracy and clarity of your listing. We, however, do not guarantee to correct spelling, typo or grammatical errors. We are not able to provide proofreading or editing consultation services at this time.

  • We encourage artisans to carefully proofread all text contained within their listing and profile. We reserve the right not approve (decline) listings that are riddled with errors.

  • The name that you enter within the Company Name section of your Artisan Directory Listing must be the true name of your company or your own name, if applicable. It must not contain any added taglines, slogans or other descriptive text that is not a part of your true company name. Beauty By the Batch reserves the right to edit your Company Name to reflect your company's actual name. Any company that is found to repeatedly edit their company name in defiance of this guideline will be terminated, and their fee will not be refunded.

  • Beauty By the Batch reserves the right to discontinue your listing if it receives complaints from visitors about your listing, products, customer service or shipping practices. We also reserve the right to discontinue your listing if we become concerned about your business practices, professionalism or the quality of your products. We also reserve the right to discontinue your listing for any other reason. If we discontinue your listing due to complaints or concerns over your practices, your term fee will not be refunded. Beauty By the Batch has the exclusive right to define for itself what it believes is concerning.

  • In the event that the information supplied in your business listing has changed and Beauty By the Batch visitors cannot contact you, Beauty By the Batch has the right to remove your listing until you are able to revise your listing. The original term ending date will remain in effect.

  • You agree that Beauty By the Batch's acceptance of your Artisan Directory listing does not constitute Beauty By the Batch's recommendation or endorsement of your business. You will not make statements that imply that Beauty By the Batch endorses or recommends your business or products.

  • The fees that Beauty By the Batch charges for Artisan Directory Listings and Add-On features are subject to change at any time. Once your purchase a term (also referred to as a subscription), the rate is locked in for the entire duration of your term. Subsequent terms, however, may be offered at a different rate.

  • Beauty By the Batch reserves the right to use its discretion to improve the layout or functionality of any/all pages available throughout the site including the page(s) that your Artisan Directory Listing and profile appear upon.

  • Beauty By the Batch reserves the right to expand or restructure the site including the Artisan Directory category, subcategory pages and the pages that your listing and profile information appear upon. The intended goals of any such changes are for the benefit of both artisans and visitors.

  • Beauty By the Batch is hosted by an outside hosting company. Although Beauty By the Batch expects to maintain a magnificent record of uptime, there may be periods where Beauty By the Batch may not be available due to server maintenance, server upgrades, network problems with the Internet in general, denial of service attacks, etc. It is unfortunate but normal that Web sites do go down from time to time or are occasionally inaccessible. Beauty By the Batch has included these possible occurrences in the pricing model for Artisan Directory listings. As such, Beauty By the Batch cannot offer refunds or discounts due to such downtimes. In the unlikely event that Beauty By the Batch is down for a longer-than-reasonable period of time, Beauty By the Batch will extend your advertising term accordingly. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis.




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