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Beauty By the Batch Artisan Code of Conduct

All artisans who advertise on Beauty By the Batch agree to abide by the following business principles and practices (for all of the below areas that apply to their products):*

We promise that we strive to source and use only the finest quality ingredients in our products. We disclose all ingredients upon our Web site, product labeling, catalog or when asked by our customers. We also promise that we are knowledgeable about the safe and appropriate usage of the ingredients in our products.

We promise to label our products clearly, list ingredients and clearly describe any product safety precautions on our labeling. If our labels are too small to include all relevant information, we will provide outer packaging or accompanying product literature. We promise to comply with all laws that may apply to the proper labeling of our products.

We promise to package our products in appropriate packaging that protects our products and ensures the stability and safety of our products.

Shelf Life:
Depending on the specific product, products that primarily include all-natural ingredients can have shorter shelf lives than similar products made with synthetic ingredients and preservatives. If our product has a limited shelf life or requires careful storage, we promise to make this clear to our customers prior to purchase.

We promise to disclose any known possible product contraindications clearly on our Web site so customers have full disclosure prior to purchase. We also promise to mention all possible safety concerns on our product packaging/labels.

We promise that the marketing statements and methods that we use are honest and not misleading.

Customer Service:
We promise to provide excellent, timely service to all of our customers.

We promise to make our return policies easy for customers to find and understand. Although our policies may not permit customers to return certain products, we promise to make corrections should we ship/sell the wrong product or should our packaging methods cause damage during shipment.

We promise to make our shipping methods clear to our customers and to ship via the method and timeframe that we state. We promise to package our products suitably to protect them from damage during transit.

*Beauty By the Batch strives to protect consumers by requiring that all artisans/advertisers agree to comply with our Artisan Code of Conduct. Any artisan found to not comply with our Code of Conduct will be removed from Beauty By the Batch. Thank you for understanding that Beauty By the Batch assumes no liability for any artisan that fails to comply with our Code of Conduct. Beauty By the Batch does not endorse any company or artisan that advertises on its site, but Beauty By the Batch will never knowingly accept advertising (via banner advertisements, listings and other methods) from any artisan that it knows or suspects is selling inferior or harmful products, mislabeled products, or products that it knows are being marketed in a deceptive manner.




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