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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Artisan Directory Advertising Questions

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Artisan Directory Advertising Questions

Can I change my profile or the subcategory(ies) that my business appears in after I first enter my information?

Absolutely. You may log into your account and update your information anytime. You can also change the subcategories that your listing appears in. Unless you purchased the 5+ Subcategory Artisan Directory term, you cannot increase the number of subcategories that your 1 Subcategory or 3 Subcategory package comes with until your term is due for renewal.

Do artisans need to meet special requirements in order to advertise on Beauty By the Batch?

Artisans must agree to abide by our Artisan Code of Conduct and agree to our Advertising Guidelines. We reserve the right to refuse advertising to any artisan if we have reason to be concerned about his/her business practices even if he/she agrees to comply with the Artisan Code of Conduct and Advertising Guidelines.

Can international artisans advertise on Beauty By the Batch?

Artisans from all countries are welcome to advertise on Beauty By the Batch. One of the many advantages of selling your products on the Web is that your customer base becomes global. Beauty By the Batch is operated from within the United States, and we do anticipate that most visitors will be from the U.S. We encourage all artisans to publish clear international shipping policies on their Web sites.

Can I pay for my Artisan Directory or Banner Advertising term on a monthly basis?

Our minimum Artisan Directory term is six months. This minimum term length allows us to offer you the best pricing. For a limited time, we are offering a 20% savings on a full year term. You will be able to increase your six month term to a full year when you place your online order.

How will advertising on Beauty By The Batch help my business?

Please refer to the Advertise on BBTB area for an in-depth overview of the benefits that you can expect by advertising on Beauty By the Batch.

How will I know how much traffic Beauty By The Batch is generating for my Web site?

Most Web hosting providers offer tools that allow customers to log in to review traffic statistics. The depth and detail of the statistics that you receive depends on your hosting provider. Check with them to learn how to review your statistics. Many offer in-depth statistics that include Referrer details. A "Referrer" is a site, like Beauty By the Batch, that links to yours.

Because most statistical reporting applications let site owners directly review the level of traffic received from each referrer, Beauty By the Batch does not provide click-through data. The free services listed below are available if your hosting company does not offer in-depth traffic reporting:

Google Analytics:


How do I ensure that my Beauty By The Batch profile will attract new customers?

We encourage you to write a profile description that is concise yet fully captivates your product line and the unique traits of your products and business. Be sure to double-check your grammar and spelling. Customers intuitively realize that businesses that don't take the time to proofread their work generally don't have the time to create quality products. We strongly encourage you to consider procuring an Add-on Profile Opportunity to draw greater attention to you and your listing.

We look forward to developing a short guide that will help artisans fine-tune their listings and profiles to achieve even greater results.

I create a wide variety of products. How do I choose the best subcategories to appear in?

Beauty By the Batch's Artisan Directory features over 100 subcategories, organized into 12 primary categories. With our 5+ Subcategory Artisan Directory Listing, you can appear in all of the categories that directly correlate with the products that you sell. If you sell a more limited number of products, our 1 Subcategory or our 3 Subcategories options may be the most cost effective solutions for you.

To determine how many subcategories you would like your listing to appear within before signing up for one of the Artisan Directory Listing choices, we encourage you to view our Subcategory List and count the number of subcategories that are relevant to your product line.

Can I choose to be listed in a main category instead of a subcategory?

You can only choose to be listed within the subcategories. Your listing will automatically appear within the corresponding category page.

Are artisans that are listed in subcategories also displayed in the corresponding main category?

Each main category page is a compilation of the listings that appear within its subcategories. Each main category page presents all of the Featured Profiles starting with the newest followed then by all other listings ordered from newest to oldest.

Can I cancel my Directory Listing or Banner Advertising term?

If you must cancel, please contact to request cancellation of your listing or banner advertising term. We will be happy to personally assist you. Because we anticipate that very few if any artisans will cancel their terms, we have not established an automated cancellation process. Refunds cannot be issued. Thank you for understanding that our low term pricing is based upon artisans taking advantage of their full term length.

How can I refer another artisan to BBTB?

We would love to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the artisan(s) that you have in mind. To tell us about them, please use our Suggest an Artisan form. If you prefer to tell artisan(s) about us yourself, feel free to click on the AddThis (the button marked SHARE) that appears on the top of each page on Beauty By the Batch.

Why does Beauty By the Batch require that I use a photo with my Artisan Directory Listing?

Potential buyers are more drawn to listings and profiles that include eye-catching product photos. In fact, studies indicate that listings and profiles that include photos are ten times more likely to be visited than those without photos. Beauty By the Batch also wants to ensure that the Artisan Directory maintains a consistent, pleasing appearance and that is not possible if some listings and profiles have missing photos. Thank you for understanding that for these reasons, Beauty By the Batch requires that all artisans upload a product photo to accompany listings and profiles prior to the approval of their listing.

Can you scale/crop my photos for me?

We're sorry that we're not able to offer this service. We encourage you to consider learning how to crop and scale your own photos. Doing it yourself gives you complete control over the appearance of your final photo. You may find the following sites especially helpful:

Cropping & Resizing:

Free Photo Editing Software:
Pic Resize:

I'm not experienced in taking or editing product photos. Do you have suggestions to where I can go to get more information?

Product Photo Tips

General Photo Tips

Cropping & Resizing

Free Photo Editing Software:
Pic Resize:

What are the benefits to adding the Artisan Code of Conduct Emblem to my site?

You will have visitors that discover your site not only through Beauty By the Batch but also through other means. Many of these potential buyers will know nothing at first about your company. The emblem is an instantaneous way to give customers reassurance of your business practices. Linking the emblem to the Artisan Code of Conduct is an easy way to alert them to your commitment to quality. Linking to the emblem also tells your potential buyers and customers that you support organizations and companies like Beauty By the Batch that are dedicating to promoting the benefits of using natural and nearly all-natural handmade beauty, health and home care products.

View the Artisan Code of Conduct
View the Artisan Code of Conduct Emblems

Why does Beauty By the Batch have to manually approve my listing every time I make a change, even if it's small?

Beauty By the Batch limits the number of listings in the Artisan Directory to only those that comply with our Artisan Code of Conduct and other policies. This ensures that your listing receive the prominent exposure that it deserves. From our experience, automated reviewing systems aren't reliable. Only by manually reviewing listings can we ensure that all listings adhere to our policies.

How long does it take to approve listings and changes?

We promise to review your Artisan Directory Listing as promptly as possible. We generally are able to approve listings and changes within one business day. During busy times and over the weekend, it can take us a little longer. Once we review your listing, we will email you to let you know. We appreciate your patience while we give our personal attention to each listing.

I don't have a Web site. Can I still advertise in the Artisan Directory?

You certainly may. In addition to subscribing to a listing, we encourage you to consider adding one of Beauty By the Batch's feature-rich Add-On Profile Opportunities that give you the opportunity to describe your company and product line. The added exposure that comes from your profile will encourage potential buyers to reach you by phone or email. Learn more...

I operate my business from my home and do not want to publicize my address. Do I have to include it in my listing?

You have flexibility to only include the contact information that you want to appear within your listing. You may leave the Web site address (URL), address, telephone, fax and/or email address fields blank.

What is the sequence that listings appear on the subcategory and category pages of the Artisan Directory?

Listings that include Enhanced Profiles With Showcase appear first and in succession from newest to oldest. Then, those listings that Enhanced Profiles (without Showcase) are displayed followed then by Listings that include Basic Profiles. Artisan Listings that aren't accompanied by profiles appear last in the directory. Each grouping of listings appears from newest to oldest.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. We are not able to accept payments by check or mail order.

Consumer Questions

I am looking for a particular product. How do I search for an artisan that carries it?

Enter a product name or category type into the search field that appears at the top of each page. Make sure that the search pull-down field says Artisan Directory. If no artisans appear within the search results, try modifying your search or visiting our Search Tips page.

Can I purchase items directly from Beauty By the Batch?

Beauty By the Batch does not directly offer items for sale. Instead, we proudly present a diverse selection of talented personal and home care product artisans showcased within our Artisan Directory.

How can I find artisans that are local to me?

Beauty By the Batch focuses upon promoting artisans that sell their creations online. To search for artisans by location, enter your state abbreviation or country into the search field shown at the top of each page. Make sure that the search pull-down field says Artisan Directory. Performing searches by state allows you to discover artisans that are located in neighboring communities. Please remember that most artisans exclusively sell their products online and do not operate showrooms or retail stores. Be sure to contact artisans directly if you want to visit them in person. An artisan probably doesn't operate a physical storefront if he/she doesn't clearly mention that on his/her site.

Does Beauty By The Batch endorse the artisans listed in its directory?

Beauty By the Batch does not endorse any company or artisan, but we will never knowingly accept advertising (via banner advertisements, listings and other methods) from artisans that we know or suspect does not comply with our Artisan Code of Conduct.

If I have an ordering issue with a vendor that advertises on Beauty By the Batch. What should I do?

Please email with details about the artisan and the situation. By contacting us about the situation, you give us permission to contact the vendor on your behalf and share your comments. We do not guarantee that we will be able to assist in the matter and we do not guarantee that we'll be able to resolve the matter satisfactorily for you.

I believe that an artisan listed in your directory is not following the Artisan Code of Conduct. What should I do?

Please email with details about the artisan and the situation.

I am a retailer and I want to know how to find artisans who sell wholesale.

Enter the word wholesale into the search field that appears at the top of each page on Beauty By the Batch. Make sure that the search pull-down field says Artisan Directory. You can fine tune your search by entering the word wholesale followed by a space and a product name or type. i.e. wholesale shampoo.

General Questions

Can I link to Beauty By The Batch?

We'd appreciate it if you would! Feel free to link to Beauty By the Batch's home page or other pages.

Can I repost artisan profiles and photos on my Web site or blog?

Individual Artisan listings, profiles, quotes and photos are the intellectual property of each artisan. If you wish to use the text or photos of a particular artisan, please contact the artisan directly to arrange permission.

Beauty By the Batch does not grant permission to repost our collection of listings, profiles or articles.

May I reprint Personal Care Articles on my Web site?

Due to the time it takes for our staff to research and prepare each Personal Care Article, we do not allow other sites to use our articles. You, however, are welcome to add one or more links from your site to our Personal Care Article Library or to each individual article.

May I distribute your Personal Care Articles in print form?

You may print articles for your own personal use or you may use the AddThis (Share) button shown on each page of the site to tell your friends/colleagues about particular articles and other pages that you think they'll like. Otherwise, you must contact Beauty By the Batch and obtain express written permission to print, distribute or use our Personal Care Articles in any other way.

What kind of emails will I receive if I join the Beauty By the Batch email list?

Email list subscribers will receive practical tips, short articles and special discounts offered by a selection of artisans that appear on Beauty By the Batch. We promise not to overwhelm your mailbox with emails, and you may unsubscribe at any time.

I no longer wish to receive emails from Beauty By the Batch. How do I unsubscribe?

Simply go here or click on the Unsubscribe link shown at the bottom of each page on Beauty By the Batch.

Banner Advertsing Questions

Can I purchase banner advertisements on Beauty By the Batch?

Beauty By the Batch will launch its banner advertising program during mid-late 2009. Please visit our Banner Advertising Opportunities page for more information and to be placed on our Banner Advertising waiting list. Requesting to be placed on the waiting list does not place you under any obligation and we promise to limit the number of emails that you will receive.




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